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Soccer, the mind game
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This book will help you to learn the secrets of developing mental toughness.
The authors have brought to soccer their vast experience of working with world champions and Olympic gold medalists, and provide a set of no-nonsense, practical tips and techniques.
SOCCER-THE MIND GAME enables you to take the mental side of your game to a higher level. It presents a seven-step plan to help you maintain performance consistency by concentrating on the key principles of success.
STEP 1: Taking aim and setting goals
STEP 2: Positive thinking and confidence
STEP 3: Mental practice and visualization
STEP 4: Focusing and concentration
STEP 5: Dealing with pressure
STEP 6: Effective teamwork
STEP 7: Preparing for match day. This book is a \\\\\\\'must read\\\\\\\' for players at all levels who are serious about performing at their best.